At What Age Should My Child Have Their First Orthodontic Check-Up?

At what age should my child have their first orthodontic check-up? The American Association of Orthodontist recommends that your child get their first orthodontic check-up at age 7.  The reason for this, is that the adult front teeth (incisors) and the first set of adult molars should be grown in by this time.  By looking at how these adult teeth relate to each other, the orthodontist is able to make a good determination about how the teeth are developing and how the growth of the upper and lower jaw bones are relating to each other.  Most of the time, no treatment is needed at this age, but occasionally there are some conditions that need to be corrected at a younger age.  Studies have shown that if a child has an overbite that is greater than 7mm, there is a much greater risk to the upper front teeth being cracked or knocked out in a fall.  Also, a crossbite of the back teeth on one side can lead to the lower jaw growing to one side more and not straight forward.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can check our website at:  You can also call our office to set up an exam  579-0903.  The exam is always free.


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