Orthodontic Lower Incisor Extraction Time Lapse Video

Orthodontic Lower Incisor Extraction Treatment

Kyger Orthodontics: Lower Incisor Extraction Time Lapse Video

This is an example of a patient with severe crowding of the lower front teeth.  The best treatment option was to have one lower incisor removed.  This was due to the amount of crowding and the thin gum tissue of the front of the lower incisors.  When a patient has thin gum tissue on the front of the lower front teeth, they will tend to get an increased amount of recession of their gum tissue on these teeth if they are move too far forward.  This time lapse video shows how the teeth moved from the start to the end of treatment.  This is not a very common treatment, but when it is indicated, we can get some very nice results.  For more information on our practice click on the link below.