Anterior Crossbite Correction Time Lapse Video

Anterior crossbite correction time lapse video.  This video show the correction of a crossbite of the lower left canine tooth and a correction of a deepbite.  The results were achieved without the extraction of any teeth with the use of traditional orthodontic braces.  The treatment mechanics included expansion of the dental arches, and interproximal reduction (IPR) of some of the lower teeth.  Interproximal reduction is the technique of using a sanding disk in between some of the teeth to make the teeth slightly narrower.  Typically, this reduced the width of the teeth by a few tenths of a millimeter per contact.  This reduction stays well within the enamel of the teeth and patients do not have any sensitivity afterwards.  Retention was with a fixed (bonded) retainer glued to the inside of the lower canine teeth and a removable retainer for the upper teeth.  Check out our other patient education videos on our YouTube Channel.

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Anterior Crossbite Correction Time Lapse Video by Kyger Orthodontics

Anterior Crossbite Correction Time Lapse Video by Kyger Orthodontics

2 thoughts on “Anterior Crossbite Correction Time Lapse Video

  1. Hi Dr. Kyger! You seem to be quite experienced with Invisalign. What techniques have you used on patients with moderate to severe deep bites? Attachments and buttons combined with elastics? Bite ramps?

    • There are different causes for deep bites that require different techniques. One type of deep bite is caused by the front teeth (incisors) being too upright. The front teeth should naturally have a little forward angulation to them. When you correct these teeth to their proper angulation a side effect is that it corrects the deep bite at the same time. Pretty straight forward stuff. The other main type of a deep bite is either the upper or lower front teeth have grown out too much. In these types of bites we need to intrude the front teeth into their proper positions. I will use attachments in this type of situation to make sure the Invisalign trays stay seated all the way. Correcting a deep bite with Invisalign can work, but it is difficult sometimes. On people with a severe deep bite, I will usually advise them to count on needing refinement trays at some point to get the full correction of their deep bite. Hope that answers your question!

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